Debunking Myths: A Few Things You Might Learn About Palestine From Al Da7ee7’s Episode

Known for his extremely well-researched and quick-paced educational videos, content creator Ahmed El-Ghandour aka “Al Da7ee7” has finally released the long-anticipated episode all about Palestine. These are the five biggest lessons we learned from his deeply researched 1-hour episode.

Tragic Raid Of Tantura

Diving right in, Al Da7ee7 introduces Palestine through a tragedy dating back to 1948. Between Haifa and Tel Aviv sits a picturesque seaside town known today as Dor, known for its massive green spaces, crystal blue waters and Bronze Age museums. Yet within that facade lays a hidden tragedy as below the resort are the remains of Palestinians. Turns out that back in 1948, this very town was actually called El Tantura and it faced a tragic raid and massacre before turning into the glitzy resort of Dor.

Nakba Law

Many of us know of the atrocities and tragedies that have been plaguing Palestine since 1948 yet a lot remains hidden. In 2011, Israel released The Nakba Law which gives the right to the Ministry of Finance to block financial support to any institution that plans to talk about the Nakba including universities. Because of this, several books, articles, and films were not released, all as a way to maintain the ongoing Israeli narrative.

Self-Hating Jews

Along with the effort to eradicate pro-Palestinian narratives, Israel took a stand against Jews who do not take up zionist ideals, referring to them as “Self-Hating Jews.” Israeli historian Ilan Pappé who authored the book “Ten Myths About Israel” was one of the many given the label.

The Zionist Race

Al Da7ee7 places a lens on the main ideology that fuels the zionist regime which is that they believe the entire world is against their existence, “even children” said Da7ee7. That belief drove them to take on a eugenic ideology of creating a state made only and purely of zionists.

Theodor Herzl, the father of modern political Zionism Via The Wall Street Journal

A Land Without People

Just as the media propagates false clickbait and yellow journalism, that is how the ideology of “A Land With No People” was created. Even though Palestine was a modernized civilization with multiple citizens and a thriving culture, what was propagated was that Palestine was a primitive land with tents and camels. It was yet another story used to fuel the zionist ideology.

To get the full detailed and immersive look into the real story of Palestine, be sure to watch the entire episode on YouTube.

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