Death Beach: Alexandria’s Al-Nakheel Beach Drowns Its Latest Victims

By Malak Khaled

For years, Al-Nakheel beach has been a danger to all as it keeps devouring more and more bodies every year. Located in the 6th of October district in Alexandria, it’s considered to be one of Alexandria’s well-known beaches, stretch around 1600 meters long. Unfortunately, what distinguishes this beach from any other around Alex is the frequent drowning incidents that have been occurring over the years.

Even though there has been an attempt by authorities to make it safer, the misplaced cement barriers that were supposed to slow down the waves actually made the situation worse as the whirlpools increased and started swallowing its swimmers.

Back in 2018, eight people drowned in the span of 10 days only, leading to the complete shutdown of the beach; the numbers had been increasing until they reached 16 deaths in one day. The beach claimed 942 victims from 2005 up to 2019.

Last week, on Sunday, a body was found on the beach, and the following Friday, 11 new ones were found after 10 people tried to save a child who was illegally swimming on the beach at dawn, all tragically losing their lives. Although it was already illegal for them to swim as the beaches are on lockdown due to the pandemic, this beach should be permanently closed off to the public due to this risk it forms and the danger it puts citizens in.

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