Dear EgyptAir, Please Start Serving Antinal With Your Food


Dear EgyptAir,

I had the most joyful experience on one of your recent flights to a European destination. The staff was extremely helpful and always with a smile on their faces no matter how annoying and stubborn the passengers were. I even chose to embarrass myself by clapping and cheering for the pilot after his flawless landing. However, the only thing that my friends and I remembered later was the meal you served us.

You know, there are biological consequences to feeding people chunks of plastic that have nothing to do with how God created chicken and beef. What started as a relaxing trip ended up with tens of my friends setting off bombs of diarrhea all over the walls of a newly established hotel.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not asking for a gourmet meal, I am only asking for the right to not spend my vacation among people who are constantly shitting their pants. The chicken or beef question turned out to be of existential importance. Had we fully understood the consequences of digesting the sticky gelatinous meal that taste like my kid’s LEGO, we would have avoided the death glare of the housekeeping staff.

Based on airline industry regulations, I understand that EgyptAir’s in-flight services meal is based on the destination and flying hours. But for the love of God, please take into consideration which countries sell Antinal without a prescription, for it is the only medicinal solution to your colorful abomination.



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