I Dated Two Friends at the Same Time and This Is What Happened

(This Means War)
(This Means War)
(This Means War)


It’s cliche to say but the heart wants what it wants, and some times the heart wants things it really shouldn’t. When I met my Hady, I didn’t think it would amount to anything serious, but love can blind us all. I was charmed by his demeanor, looks, and witty persona but his affection was not the only one I was receiving. Knowing myself and being chronically single, I made a decision to enter the dating game as a free agent, no attachments, promises, or commitment until I was sure of the person, and more importantly sure of myself.


When it came to Hady, I was sure he was a great guy and he made me happy, but I was definitely not sure of myself. My attention was focused on Hady but was dissatisfied and began to wander…until I set my sights on Karim. He was everything my heart and soul were craving, and didn’t even know that it desired; just a simple look and he had me melting in front of a crowd and I couldn’t compose myself. Karim was smart, mature, and deep, he held parts of a soul that were missing from Hady, so I did what any non-tied-down woman would do… I dated them both. This is the part where the double standard misogynists (probably calling me a slut) should probably stop reading.


While Hady and Karim are different in many ways, they also harbor many similarities; because at the end, you really are the company you keep. On top of that, the two were friends. Yup, I was dating two friends. It sounds like a terrible plot for a Reese Witherspoon rom-com, but it was my reality.


Of course I had a sense of guilt. Not because I was dating two guys but because I was dating two friends. They must have never seemed to talk about it because the subject never came up, but I still was antsy at the mention of the other person’s name. So I decided to  do the “mature thing” and end things. At first, I thought why give up both when I can at least have one, but the notion did not seem fair to either of them or myself; not to mention how awkward would that be when they find out?



WE SAID THIS: Moral of the story, there’s nothing wrong with dating around, committing or not, but it’s best if you make sure your selection of dating has at least a few degrees of separation.