Daily Dose of Art: Kuwaiti Artistic Happening, Re-Use, Is Heading to the United Kingdom!

It could be argued that people who appreciate and admire art are lucky to be living in the digital age, where art is more dynamic and interactive than ever before!

Art can impact how people think and feel on so many levels, and how dynamic it is, influences its effect on a person’s mind and soul. On today’s daily dose of art, we’ll highlight one very cool art project that started in Kuwait and is heading all the way to the United Kingdom!

The program is called Re-use and it started by Kuwaiti Artist Zahed Sultan. He is a London-based multimedia artist and social entrepreneur from Kuwait who seeks to explore the idea of community through social impact programs and collaborative art projects.

Re-use was founded in 2007 as an annual event to promote eco-friendly living through art. In 2016, after five successful editions, Re-use was re-imagined as a traveling, multi-arts program to respond to pressing issues in different places. Driven by emerging thoughts and ideas, the new program is constantly evolving to include interactive, inclusive, and educational activities.

In early 2019, Re-use presented a 3-month art, science, and technology exhibition at the Scientific Center in Kuwait to raise awareness for the environment. In April 2019, Re-use will make its debut in London at The Albany with a 5-day, multi-arts program entitled Haramacy; gathering UK artists from the Middle East and South Asia to explore the complexities of diasporic experience.


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