Credit to the Artist: Youssef Tayeh Captures the Essence of Women’s Beauty

It’s all about celebrities and photoshoots this week. Endless amounts of glamorous photoshoots are hitting Social Media outlets from The Gouna Film Festival. However, a certain photographer caught our eyes with his dreamy captured moments.

Inspired by the simple life of winter days at Agamy in Alexandria, Youssef Tayeh had time to experiment with photography. What started as a hobby in 2004 has now left the photographer with quite an impressive portfolio.

The mechatronics student approched photography in an organic manner. Youssef experimented with techniques instead of studying them.

“I was gradually interested in filmmaking after meeting The Director, Hani Eskander while working on his film ‘Drifters’. He made me believe that making a film is possible,” The artist told us.
“I shot and directed my first Video Art Film in 2017 and I experimented without knowing the rules. Now, I am currently working on my first documentary Qulaan,” Tayeh tells us about his future plans.

“Getting into film making, has motivated me to study in The High Cinema Institute of the Cinematography department. It’s fun and nice to be still studying at an older age”.

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Missing The Sea Spirit

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