Credit to the Artist: Hossam Dirar’s ‘Daydream’ Painting of Salma Abudeif is Our Art Inspo of the Day

Hossam Dirar is an Egyptian contemporary artist with a talent that can’t be overlooked. He has always had a passion for exploring new cultures and admiring good art. His travels around Europe visiting art galleries and museums significantly influenced him and his perception, especially when it came to art and expressing his talents. For instance, when Hossam saw the works of Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele (which are the core references for his present artworks) it inspired him to start his Masters in Sound Art at the University of Barcelona.

Recently, we came across his platform on social media and saw a new collab between him and the beautiful Egyptian actress and model, Salma Abudeif. It turns out that Salma is Hossam’s new muse, inspiring him to create this amazing artwork of her that he calls “Daydream”.

The painting is absolutely breathtaking, perfectly showing off his unquestioned talent and Salma’s pure and natural beauty, as well as her vibrant personality.

WE SAID THIS: What do you think of the painting?