Credit to the Artist: Ash & Naila Marei are “Giving a Little” with Their Latest Track

Everyday we’re getting more and more familiar with the fact that Egypt will never cease to disappoint us with the talent of it’s people, but every now and then, someone comes out and just takes the whole game to some other level and wows us all. Ash & Nalia are just no strangers to this fact.

After their hit song, Sing It Back, Ash & Naila are back with another original mind blowing track called Give a Little and from the sounds of it, it will definitely go viral.

“We were in the studio one day, and literally decided to take on the guitar, open the mic, forget the world, and just jam. Ash picked up his guitar and started playing random chords, and automatically the words came out and there you have it, that’s how ‘Give a Little’ happened!” sayed Naila.

The Egyptian Producer Ash and Vocalist Naila amassed around 1.6 million views for their hit remix/cover of Sing It Back  by Moloko that was released in 1998.

Ash is an Egyptian Producer based in Paris, he started his career with his first original track Lost  back in 2012. Later in 2015 he collaborated with the Egyptian Vocalist Naila for the first time. Naila is a 24 years old artist and the owner of Naila Marei Studio.

“We met in Montreal while studying in University. We produced our first track ‘Coward’ on the day we met, and since then, we knew we had to continue making more songs together,” Ash & Naila told us.

When we asked them about their future plans, they told us that they “prefer not to over-plan the future, but leave our growth to be as organic as it can be. We have our goals set to eventually perform live sets one day and continue working together on more tracks. Ultimately, our main main goal, is to give people more than “a little”

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