Corona Book Club: From Recommendations and Online Communities to Home Delivery

Social media platforms are now mostly about Coronavirus news or screams of boredom. Spending all day indoors can be quite depressing, and to lift your spirits up, it could be the perfect time to cozy up with some of your favorite books.

You will not only get to read more, but you could also get the chance to join a book club and actively connect with those who have the same interests as you.

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Book clubs are now going digital, and one of the most active ones in Egypt is Rokn AlYasmine. They have recently launched a reading marathon, where they will recommend readings, read together, discuss books, and connect. Everyone is welcome to join and being part of such a community will definitely help you with your book choice and encourage you to finish your reading list.

If you face trouble finding books to read during the lockdown, don’t worry because there are several options to consider. Home delivery for books is now available wherever you are, and the Egyptian Lebanese Publishing House is now offering free home delivery if you order books that cost 150 LE or more.

*إذا الدنيا قفلت .. احنا فاتحين*

*إذا الدنيا قفلت .. احنا فاتحين*موقعنا بيتيح لك شراء أحدث الإصدارات من كتبنا وتوصيلها لحد باب بيتك. ولفترة محدودة لو عملت أوردر ب150 جنيه وأكتر هيكون الشحن مجانا ولو أقل من 150 جنيه هيكون الشحن تكلفته 20 جنيه فقط. العرض ساري بجميع أنحاء الجمهورية .ادخل على موقعنا، وتصفح أحدث إصداراتنا، واتبع خطوات الشراءكما هي مبينة في اللينك الموجود بأول تعليق.👇👇👇#الدار_المصرية_اللبنانية#إذا_الدنيا_قفلت_احنا_فاتحين#القراءة_حياةالروائي ناصر عراق

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Adding to this, there are tons of free e-books and audio libraries available, like Ekra Le (Read For Me) mobile application that gives you access to hundreds of audiobooks and novels. The Egyptian Ministry of Culture has also recently announced uploading all of the books of the General Egyptian Book Organization to be available online for free download.

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Children aren’t excluded from the new reading services; They also have several free reading options, such as Tuta Tuta website for children’s books, which is now offering free activities with their stories to complete the reading experience.

Books are meant to reduce your stress levels and improve your mental and physical health, try to always pick the motivating ones that will open your mind and keep the hope for a better future.

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