Cool Down in Style With These Must-Visit Waterparks in the Middle East

Whether you are gently floating down a lazy river or experiencing an adrenaline-pumping drop on a speed slide, nothing beats hitting up a waterpark in the scorching hot days of summer. To cool off, have fun, and get that dose of energy, these are the waterparks across the region that deserve a visit:

YAS Waterworld

Home to over 40 iconic rides, this is Abu Dhabi’s leading waterpark. It boasts everything from its 10-story Jebel Drop, where you’ll plummet down at high speed, to its Dawwama, a six-person tornado coaster that will have you spinning for days.

At Yas Waterworld, it is not just about the rides; you can even try out pearl diving, where you dive into an underwater tank to collect oysters that house precious pearls.

You can also try out their underwater VR experience, blending tech and entertainment. If this is the park for you, you can book tickets through Yas Waterworld‘s official website.

Saraya Aqaba Waterpark

One of the most unique waterparks has to be Jordan’s Saraya Aqaba Waterpark, which weaves Jordanian culture into the rides and the entire experience. Surrounded by a mountain range, it boasts one of the most picturesque views for a waterpark.

It then weaves in the country’s culture and identity by having water-drenched versions of the country’s coolest landmarks, as well as rides representing major natural formations in the country, like the Rum Waves inspired by the Wadi Rum Valley.

Bring your family to experience all it has to offer and book tickets through the official website.

The Lost Paradise Of Dilmun Water Park

Known as the biggest waterpark in Bahrain, the Lost Paradise of Dilmun is yet another water park that introduces the heritage and culture of its host country. This park boasts a Dilmun era theme, an ancient civilization of Bahrain that existed way back in 2000 BCE.

The park captures the ancient history of Bahrain through its rides. The beauty of the Dilmun ruins is intertwined into the park’s 20+ slides and rides. Along with that, the rides themselves offer a dose of exhilaration and fun.

For the adrenaline rush junkies, the Aqua Loop Rocket Slide is a must-try as it is the steepest multi-drop free-fall in the park that will have you dropping down at 60km per hour. To experience the park for yourself, book tickets through the official website.

Makadi Water World Aqua Park

For the ultimate dose of thrills and family fun, Egypt’s Makadi Water World Aqua Park gives you access to more than 50 slides.

They are probably some of the most unique and widely diverse collections of slides, as they include a black hole slide that includes heart-pumping twists through the dramatic lightning of dark tunnels and a ride called the wave slide, where you grab a tube and slide through a 45-degree water slide.

It is fun for the entire family, so get ready for the summer by booking tickets using their official website.

Loopagoon Water Park

Unlike all the waterparks on this list, Al Khobar’s Lagoon Water Park is actually a ladies-only park, the first of its kind in Saudi Arabia. Beyond being ladies-only, every weekend, the park allows families inside.

At the park, you will get to experience the rush of water rides as you take a spinning ride on their inner tube or race your friends down multiple slides.

Hopping onto any of their eleven state-of-the-art water rides, slides, and attractions, you’ll get to have splashing adventures with friends and family. By heading to their official website, you can book tickets to experience the park for yourself.

Meryal Waterpark

Have you ever heard of a waterpark tower? Well, it turns out it exists all the way in Qatar’s Lusail in a waterpark called Meryal Waterpark. The 85-meter thrill-filled iconic tower has made two attempts at the Guinness World Record for the tallest water park tower in the world.

Some of the rides you can try out include the Reformer, a ride that boasts unexpected twists and steep drops inside a massive funnel. There is also the Oil Silk Lagoon, a much calmer ride that is made up of a large and refreshing double-wave pool area with a maximum depth of 1.8 meters. To slide through summer, you can book tickets through their official page.

All these parks offer a way to escape the scorching summer heat and fun ways to spend time with family and friends.

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