Confessions of a Feminist: Nawal El Saadawi…Icon, Activist and Symbol of Resilience

Egypt has witnessed the birth of some of the most iconic feminists in the Middle East. In Egypt especially, and as early as 1919, Egypt led several feminist movements that contributed to actual change in society, that was evident back then, and is recognized and felt until today. One of the admirable daughters of these strong women is the famed feminist, author, and activist, Dr. Nawal El Saadawi.

Although quite controversial due to her sometimes radical and thought-provoking views, her name alone is an icon of feminism in Egypt. She is considered one of the cornerstones of Egypt’s feminist movement as she fought against the oppression of women, and was an advocate against female genital mutilation (FGM).

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Today, we pay a tribute to her by highlighting our favorite novels written by her.

Woman at Point Zero

Woman at Point Zero tells the story of Firdaus, who went from being a child being raised in a village to a prostitute living in the city. The novel highlights how society’s injustice and cruelty were the reason she eventually had enough and killed a man, leading to her imprisonment.

The Hidden Face of Eve

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In The Hidden Face of Eve, El Saadawi embarks on a journey to find answers to the reasons behind the violence and inequality faced by women in the Middle East. Through this account, she explores the historical role of Arab women in religion and literature.

God Dies by the Nile

This classic tale follows the story of Zakeya, a once peaceful and ordinary villager, who is angered by the Mayor’s greed and the society’s unfairness against women. El Saadawi questions the existence of a loving and peaceful god who Zakeya believes in.

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