Cimatheque to Host one of the Most Anticipated Video Festivals in Cairo

By Nezar Ahmed

If you’re tired of blockbuster Cinema and you’re just craving a taste of something unique & low-budget, yet never less passionate, then look no further than the “Cairo Video Festival” (CVF) this year. Hosted by Medrar; the festival is all about experimental films and strange video productions that seek to explore the complexities of our lives in the digital age.

Via Medrar

For all those who are going to be spending next week in the heart of Cairo, Downtown, Rejoice because the event is going to take place at the Cimatheque, the Alternative Film Centre, on 6 May. It’s scheduled to showcase two video art programs and an anticipated talk session, titled “Fats”, at the very end of the day.

It’s certainly fatty in content, with the first category called Animation; artists such as Ahmed Sabry’s “The Impact of Meat”, Mina Mir’s “Couplets for an Everlasting Eye”, Ageda Kopla’s “All Tru-ish”, Haoge Liu’s “Fish Tank”, and finally Marwan El Gamal’s “Egg Legs”.

Then comes the second Category of the day, which is Tech Myth, where artists like Ahmed Elshaer, Hend Moaaz, Soheir Sharara, Muhammed Taymour and more will be featuring their works such as “Crossover”, “The Current Cube”, “The Image of Man” and “The Caller” respectively.

Once that’s all done, you’ll be treated to a talk from Muhammed Taymour and Sammy Sayed.

WE SAID THIS: I’m not a fan of Low budget movies myself, but do you think this event will change my mind?