Check Out How This Fashion Brand is Adopting an Animal Saving Campaign

Via Sahara

The Sahara Collection is a clothing and accessories store located in Cairo and Diplo and all the items are produced locally with fine Egyptian cotton. What’s interesting about the brand is that they just launched an animal friendly collection called “Save A Paw”, where the profits of every product sold will go to the animal shelters of Egypt.

“I’m a huge animal lover and seeing what they go through on the streets on a daily basis is heart-breaking. Shelters in Egypt are doing their best to provide for these animals, but of course, they need our support. I had been wondering for a while how I could engage in lending a hand…till I came up with the “Save A Paw,” campaign,” Karmah Sabry, Designer and Partner of The Sahara Collection, told us.

“I’m hoping by selling these t-shirts, we could raise enough funds to help as many animals as we can and help the shelters provide better living circumstances, medical treatment, and to be able to take in more animals off the street. I’m also hoping to raise more awareness on the subject and encourage more people to get involved,” she added. “I will start of with ESMA and Hope, but afterwards I would like to focus on the smaller shelters that need a lot of funding.”

So If you care about the “voiceless souls”, join them in providing better living conditions and medical treatment for our furry friends and if the first collection raises enough money, then she’ll produce a second line of “Save A Paw,” to continue raising funds for animals.

The collection is available at:
The Sahara Collection
10 Brazil St, Zamalek
The Sahara Collection
13 Mansour Mohamed Zamalek
Nomad Gallery
14 Saray ElGezira, First Floor, Zamalek
One Designs
CSA, 4 Road 21, Sarayat, Maadi

WE SAID THIS: A Lovely initiative from an exquisite brand!