Celebrating World Environmental Health Day With Organizations Seeking To Promote Sustainability

World Environmental Health Day is observed on Sept. 26 to raise public awareness of various environmental health-related issues. Since the inaugural Environmental Health Youth Summit and conference of the International Federation of Environmental Health (IFEH) in Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia, in 2011, the day has been observed annually. The Middle East, and especially Egypt, have been working hard with organizations that are essential for the journey for a healthier environment.


VeryNile works to create environmentally sound ways to clean the Nile, recycle and up-cycle solid waste in collaboration with regional stakeholders, and take preventive measures to lessen the use of single-use plastics and water contamination. It was founded as the first effort to provide extensive cleaning techniques for the Nile while promoting the value of environmental preservation. Through a sustainable, effective system that enables ongoing and efficient cleaning of the Nile, they plan cleanup events and promote methods to remove trash from the river.

Banlastic Egypt

Since 2018, Alexandria-based Banlastic Egypt has worked to combat the issue of plastic pollution. By providing alternatives to single-use plastic and building a client base of informed consumers through the delivery of workshops, training, beach clean-ups, and various environmental events, they seek to outlaw single-use plastic in Egypt. They also make an effort to get in touch with decision-makers to support the laws’ efforts to outlaw plastic. This campaign was primarily undertaken in reaction to the plastic pollution that has taken over the waters in our nation.


Using a skilled team of professionals, YouThinkGreen is a non-profit social enterprise that has been operating in Egypt since 2013. Through the creation of top-notch hands-on and empowerment programs for youth, it aims to educate and empower young people to use sustainable ecological solutions to address Egypt’s most serious sustainability concerns and issues. They want young people to drive and take the lead in Egypt’s sustainable development by using creative local solutions.


Using engaging educational programs, environmental assessment services, and support for regional communities at risk from climate change, the Greenish Foundation in Egypt seeks to achieve sustainable development. With the help of simple measures that everyone can take, Greenish seeks to address the issue at its source rather than simply taking plastic and recycling it at a facility. The organization has adopted a number of measures to address plastic waste with the goal of eventually fully eliminating it. One of these measures is promoting the reuse and decrease of plastics rather than recycling them. This entails removing plastic from the source and replacing it with sources that are more environmentally friendly.


Thalassains is an organization dedicated to protecting the Red Sea and working to build a sustainable future for Egypt. The organization’s goals are to give the people more authority and use commerce to create a sustainable future for everybody. A sustainable coastal and marine ecosystem near the Red Sea is eventually the aim. While the Thalassa crew can salvage plastic that is already polluting the Red Sea, the organization’s aim is to provide locals and visitors with the tools they need to assist them in ‘Guarding The Sea’.

Eco Egypt

Eco Egypt seeks to reacquaint adventurous visitors with Egypt’s myriad natural landmarks and protected regions. The Eco Egypt Experiences campaign highlights all the animal, and plant diversity, and natural landscapes that Egypt has to offer in order to encourage ecological protection and natural rediscovery. Additionally, the campaign promotes sustainable, responsible travel for tourists looking for uncommon experiences. The organization promotes support for local livelihoods by offering a platform for the distinctive habits, practices, and traditions of local communities. These tribespeople ranges from Nubians to Bedouins, and their perspectives, experiences, and customs are central to the organization.

The Egyptian government is also preparing for the 27th session of the UN Climate Change Conference (COP27) that will take place in Sharm El-Sheikh from Sunday, Nov. 6 to Friday, Nov. 18.

Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry reviewed Egypt’s 2030 Vision on the 5th of Sept. for the upcoming UN Climate Change Conference ‘Conference of the Parties'(COP27). This came during Shoukry’s meeting with the President of the 15th Conference of the Parties (COP) of the UN Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) Alain Richard Donwahi according to the State Information Service.

The foreign minister also looked into ways to strengthen international efforts connected to combating climate change at all levels, notably the processes for adaptation and mitigation as well as for putting climate commitments into action and making them a reality on the ground.

Hopefully, what COP27 aims to do is to accelerate global climate action through emissions reduction, scaled-up adaptation efforts, and enhanced flows of appropriate finance.

You can learn more about the conference through their website!

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