Celebrating Musician Ayman Bahgat Kamar Through His Diverse Work In The Entertainment Industry

Egypt is full of iconic writers and lyricists that truly make a production complete. Poet and musician, Ayman Bahgat Kamar is no exception. Known for creating timeless pieces for legends like Amr Diab he has also been a fan favorite for his work in film and television productions. To celebrate his birthday, we’ve decided to highlight his work, giving you that much-needed dose of nostalgia.

Kamar’s Vibrant Productions As Writer

Kamar wrote the guilty pleasure that is ‘Bahebak Wana Kaman.’ Starring Mostafa Amr and Somaya El Khassab، the witty banter of the two stars paired with the very quotable, Fathy Abdelwahhab made for an unforgettable film.

In 2008, Kamar went on to collaborate for the first time with Ahmed Helmy in the film ‘Assef Al Ezag’ where through the raw script that follows schizophrenia Hassan, we saw Helmy play a character like never before, away from his usual comedy.

Following the film’s success, the duo paired up again in ‘X-Large.’ Through both films, Kamar managed to show viewers a different side to Helmy that is multi-dimensional. Capable of making them shed a tear then laughing in the scene right after. The writer created many other works such as Tamer Hosny’s hit ‘El Badla’ which is often seen as one of his funniest films.

Kamar’s Eclectic Range As a Songwriter

The poet and musician has created a slew of hits for Egyptian films and shows. Whether it’s for Yehia El-Fakharany’s classic shows, ‘Abbas El Abyad Fel Youm El Eswed’ and ‘Yetraba Fe Ezo’ or for the female-centric shows ‘Hekayat Banat’ and ‘Halet Esh’ both sung wonderfully by Nancy Ajram. Kamar’s music adds heart to any production, especially to drama-heavy shows like ‘Qalb Mayet’ starring Sherif Mounir where he wrote the unskippable intro, having you reach for the tissue box before the show even starts. He also wrote many Karim Abdel Aziz film music hits like ‘Wahed Men El Nas’ or again for Ahmed Helmy’s ‘Matb Senai’.

As the holidays are fast approaching this can be a great way to decide your next movie list.

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