Can Someone Please Keep Enjy Kiwan in Dubai, Far Away From Egypt?

I was not ready for Enjy Kiwan. In fact, the whole country was not prepared for this young lady who left us stunned for a whole week. Egypt’s finest moderator/model/influencer flew all the way from Dubai to Gouna to attend and cover The Gouna Film Festival, and coincidentally left most of us – mainly me – dreaming of a wardrobe and life makeover.

I don’t know where I went wrong with my life decisions, but I can’t help but wonder why I can’t take a proper Kiwan style photo for Instagram, even if my life depended on it. This momma-of-two completely and utterly slayed every single look in Gouna.

Kiwan has set a new bar for hotness, fire and poses for all of us in MENA. It’s too much to comprehend or imitate. We all appreciate the enormous effort all the starlets have made. Yet, all of them hired professional stylists, and in my humble opinion, Kiwan was the most spot-on celebrity at the festival.

From choosing progressive designs, dreamy materials, exquisite colors that matched her tan, to perfectly posing and marketing every single artist involved, she was a VISION!

One of my favorite looks was the Maram Borhan dress. FYI, even if I ordered this dress online, I will never do it justice. I imagine myself looking more like a flat cotton candy stick, on a hot summery day, at EL-Ahly Sporting Club. Just no!

Mrs. kiwan, you’ve proved your point. Your life decisions are better than ours. We are aware that we all need an extreme makeover. Maybe Dubai peeps are used to this level of fashion extremity, but I’m not. Please stay away from Egypt and deactivate your Instagram account, so we can eat donuts and pizza in peace.

On a side note, your stylist deserves a raise, or a car maybe.

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