Cairo Is Going Eco-Friendly With Their New Buses

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By Mai Aljazairy

The Minister of Local Development, General Mahmoud Shaarawi, and the Governor of Cairo, Khaled Abdel ‘Aal, celebrated on Saturday the 13th of July the launching of 10 new natural gas-powered buses, according to official statements from the Cairo Governorate. 

The 10 buses are part of 121 new buses the government is planning to launch soon. This approach comes in light of the governorate’s attempts to go eco-friendly and consume less of more polluting fuels such as petrol and deisel in public transportation. The governor stated in December that the new buses are “part of the country’s efforts to solve traffic problems in Cairo, and to encourage citizens to use public transportation and use their own cars less.” 

Kastour Egypt, the manufacturer of the natural gas-fuelled buses, has successfully entered the market in a previous time with air-conditioned and double-decker buses. Revealing that the new buses cost a little under EGP 4m, the Public Transport Authority’s head, Rizk Ali, said that the cost per ticket will be EGP 4. Also, the rest of the buses will start operating as soon as the 10 new buses show success. 

Their route will start in Dawaran Shobra and end in the First Settlement of New Cairo, with many stops at Cairo’s main junctions along the way.

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