A Showcase Of The Middle East’s Latest Tech Developments – What To Expect At Cairo ICT 2021

Egypt will host its 25th international exhibition for industrial technology, machinery, electronics and businesses from the 7-10th of November.

Cairo ICT 2021 will be a whole digital experience filled with plenty of opportunities for those in the industry. Egypt and the Middle East celebrate technology and showcase their developments through this exhibit.

You can apply online to exhibit your work now!

Last year’s event was titled ‘The Big Reset‘. It was closely organized by H.E. President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi and top officials. The event is said to have sent a global message that says, Egypt is Open for Business”, and “Cairo ICT Continues to be Star of the Region”.

The Digital Challenge

This year’s Cairo ICT is called, ‘The Digital Challenge‘. It represents the challenges that the Middle East faces digitally and the challenge that the digital world itself faces. In the event developers, vendors and innovators discuss their hardships and their work.

The event continues to grow with around 550 exhibitors and around 116k visitors! Cairo ICT is all about networking, connecting traders, exhibitors, and industries together. It’s an opportunity for businesses to show the world their new projects, launches and share a better understanding of their brands. It’s an annual checkpoint for KPIs as well, to make sure there are advanced plans for the next year when it comes to technology and innovation. It’s all for more growth, with more people noticing the region’s businesses.

What makes Cairo ICT unique is how it gathers so many fields in one event, for understanding technology’s current situation, what’s missing and what the Middle East needs. Matter of fact, there will be many different industries being discussed during the event: Information Technology, Telecom, Integrated systems, Electronics, Broadcasting, Satellite, Security, Internet and hardware, and Software.

In more detail, these will be the topics discussed:

5-G or Multi-G, Cloud-Tech & DevOps, IoT & IIoT, Robotics & Drones, AR & VR, Zero-Trust Architecture & Cybersecurity, Health-Tech, Agri-Tech, Ed-Tech, Space-Tech, Retail-Tech, Ad-Tech, Entertain-Tech, Sport-Tech, Prop-Tech & Construct-Tech, Museum-Tech.

This is a huge reason to celebrate how Egypt has advanced so far. The Middle East has been working closely, making all Arabs around the world proud.

To witness the greatness, register to attend the event and see for yourself.

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