Cairo’s First-Ever Fat Loss Challenge


Lettuceat, Samia Allouba and Cairo Runners ALWAYS bring good news. The people who are keeping us fit and helping us to start #LivingRIGHT are joining forces for a new major event, the first-ever fatloss challenge in the city.

When I first saw their post, I was extremely excited! Mainly because I have been cheating on my diet for a while and skipping my workout sessions, so this was kind of like a wake-up call. I will be registering soon and see how it goes. It is a bit nerve wracking, but I am up for the challenge, and will be posting about it during the upcoming weeks.

Now, enough talking about me, here is what you need to know about the challenge: This is a fat loss challenge, so obviously its aim is to burn the biggest amount of FAT (Don’t confuse it with weight loss). Starting from Oct. 23rd you have to be willing to give up all your bad eating habits and start training. Until Nov. 25th, you’ll go back to where you registered for measurements taking to check the amount of fat you’ve lost.

The first winner will take a full month supply from Lettuceat, second winner will win a two-week supply and the third will win a one-week supply. Most importantly, you will start a new healthy lifestyle. Definitely worth it! Now, all you have to do is go to one of the registration locations for your measurements and photos to be taken.

It’s FREE and for EVERYONE, it doesn’t matter how much body fat you have, whether you are overweight, obese or just need to shred a bit. We all have our goals, and nothing is more rewarding than doing a challenge with your partner or friends. So kick start your new #LivingRIGHT habits!

WE SAID THIS: Join the challenge on Facebook! The deadline for registration is Oct 20th.