‘Cairo Eye’: Egypt’s Newest World-Class Tourism Initiative is Launching Soon

By Malak Khaled

The Egyptian government is preparing for the upcoming launch of a tourism initiative called ‘Cairo Eye’. It’s going to be a large Ferris wheel which is predicted to become one of Cairo’s new iconic landmarks.

One of the government’s many programs to stimulate tourism, the wheel will provide a panoramic view of the beautiful Egyptian city. ‘Eyes’, which are tall Ferris wheels that tourists can ride to enjoy the view of the city across, have been proven to be a success and are present in several other important cities in the world like London, Paris and Las Vegas, to allow tourists to enjoy the picturesque sceneries.

Similarly, the ‘Cairo Eye’ will have 32 cabins that will carry 15,000 visitors per day, aiming to link fun with culture and history thanks to its strategic location, said to be near one of Egypt’s major archaeological attractions. A full entertainment area will also be established around it.

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