Cairo Cinema Days: Zawya Officially Kicks Off the 4th Edition of the Indie Arab Movie Festival

Zawya is kicking off the 4th Edition of Cairo Cinema Days today with a line-up that is hard to overlook. Continuing until March 30th, the indie film festival will showcase contemporary independent films and documentaries by filmmakers from across the Middle East.

From prophetic curses in a Sudanese village and the struggles of motherhood in times of conflict, to the concept of identity and the search for a homeland, the films featured in the festival express the complex dynamics of the world we live in today.

A global paradigm shift is in full swing and we can all feel it, whether it’s in the form of anxious depression, an early-onset mid-life crisis, or just plain old confusion, we’re all in the same boat and we’re all struggling. This is where the arts come in; they are the mirror through which we can safely see ourselves and our world, away from any fears of possibly turning to stone.

The festival is well worth attending for anyone in Cairo this month, with some really amazing stories being told by some amazing storytellers. Keep scrolling for a sneak peek of what Zawya has in store for us this month, and head over to their Facebook page for more details on the schedule and the films themselves.

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• • تقع الأحداث في مدرسة تنعم بموقعها الآمن بين جبال لبنان، حيث يحاول وسام؛ الصبي في الحادية عشر من عمره، أن يحشد شجاعته ليصارح زميلته (جوانا) بأنه يحبها. ولكن قبل أن يخبرها بذلك، تتعرض بيروت لقصف جوي إسرائيلي يُحطِّم هدوء المدرسة تمامًا. فيلم الدرامي اللبناني ١٩٨٢ للمخرج وليد موّنس وبطولة نادين لبكي ومحمد دالي يُعرض خلال "أيام القاهرة السينمائية ٤" يوم الخميس ٥ مارس الساعة ٩ مساءً ويوم السبت ٧ مارس الساعة ٧ مساءً. الحجز للعرضين مُتاح من خلال شباك تذاكر وأون لاين من السينما دوت كوم (لينك الحجز في الستوري هاي لايتس) نشوفكم في السينما! On the last day of school in the mountains, during the 1982 invasion of Lebanon, 11-year-old Wissam is determined to tell his classmate Joanna that he loves her, while his teachers – on different sides of the political divide – try to mask their fears. Oualid Mouaness's Lebanese drama "1982", starring Nadine Labaki, Mohamed Dalli will be screened as part of Cairo Cinema Days 4 program on Thursday, March 5th at 9PM and Saturday, March 7th at 7PM. Booking for both screenings is available through Zawya's box office and online through (Link in story highlights) See you at the cinema!

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