C & G’s Diet Menu – Comfort At It’s Best


The cons of being on a diet and living in Egypt is that well let’s just face it we aren’t the most health conscious society in the world. Everything is soaked in butter, oil or the worst of the worst Samna(Butter Ghee)!! 

Now I don’t want to be a complete downer, if you want to eat healthy you will. It’s simple mind over matter where your commitment to yourself should be stronger then the longing for a freshly baked Chocolate Fudge Betty Crocker cake with extra Vanilla icing. (Side note Betty Crocker is the devil and we should all start acknowledging this fact and I will be the one to say it.)

Point is, that’s all great, so your committed to yourself, you’re on board with yourself and then all of a sudden you are stuck eating at home for 2 months. Well I have good news people! While bumming around the other night and craving that Betty Crocker cake and well anything bad for me pretty much, I started looking at all the online menus available and came across Casper & Gambini’s diet menu, after having just visited their pristine newly renovated City Stars terrace I thought hey wait a second this is fantastic. 

Why is this fantastic? Well firstly they deliver which is perfect because there is nothing worse then when everyone is ordering Pizza and you are the only one who can’t find anything to order, the other thing is that they have a very wide variety of guilt-free choices that actually make your mouth water. 


I ordered a salad a whole wheat pizza and well I was pretty god damn satisfied, didn’t feel like I wanted to die and was so impressed I actually found myself telling people about it. It was affordable, under the 100 LE mark and to be honest the lack of guilt I felt after was priceless. 

Places like GoodCals that have recently opened their doors in the city have given people a chance to take the healthy way out for quick lunch breaks but what I admired about this menu in particular was the fact that it had an array of items starting from pasta too pizza to drinks and even desert. You can literally have a full meal and still be eating out and eating healthy.

Like at GoodCals everything is calorie counted as to help you measure your calorie intake for the day without going overboard. This menu is also found in their branches in Beirut and has proved a great success.

WE SAID THIS: Try Out The Healthy Option, It’s A Win Win & Our Friends At Casper & Gambini’s Seem To Be The First On This Ride.