Bye Bye Windows Messenger


There probably isn’t a person out there who hasn’t used MSN messenger at some point in there life. The online chat utility was the next cool thing after ICQ, after everyone grew out of the “uh oh” messenger.

In high school and university this was pretty much the only way to communicate with friends and family overseas, days and nights were spent wasting time chatting with friends & lovers. The moment they launched video chat was as monumental as it got, “you mean i could be sitting here in Cairo while talking face to face with someone in Canada?” “NO WAY!”

As the novelty with anything that people get hyped up with wears off, less and less people nowadays use MSN (probably since Facebook now has it’s own online, real time messenger). So Microsoft has finally announced that they will retire its instant messaging chat tool and replace it with Skype’s messenger.

The news comes 18 months after the software giant announced it was paying $8.5bn for the communications software developer (Skype). So say bye bye to MSN, which will be officially turned off by March 2013, all this is being done in an effort for Microsoft to focus their efforts on their latest buy.

We Said This: If you spent 8.5 billion on acquiring a new product, you’ll probably retire the old outdated one as well!