8 Bold Ways to Ask an Egyptian Girl Out

How does one ask a girl out? These days, we just text. But Closeup’s newest commercial has inspired us to be bold and scour for inventive ways to ask our crushes and potential lovers out. Here they are:




1. #Khalik_gari2 and bring a Hasaballah band to her office and serenade her in front of all of her colleagues and her boss


(Photo Credit: Mohamed Mahmoud)
(Photo Credit: Mohamed Mahmoud)




2. #Khalik_gari2 and pucture her tire, then stick around to fix it and save the day







3. #Khalik_gari2 and ask her out via a billboard on the Da2ery






4. #Kefaya_dabadib and get her a ring to show how serious you really are!






5. #Khalik_gari2 and get all your friends together and surprise her with a flash mob at uni






6. Ask her out live on the radio


On The Air




7. Ask her out via a viral video on social media, #khalik_gari2 and make it public for everyone to see






8. The boldest way of all: Ask her parents






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