BO18 is Coming to Dubai! Everything You Need to Know About the Iconic Beirut Nightclub

Although Beirut is known all over the world for its amazing nightlife and exciting clubbing experience, Dubai is no different. Beirut has some of the best clubs in the world, and one of its most iconic clubs is B018, which was announced to be opening in Dubai Marina next year.

Founded by Naji Gebran in 1998, B018 was named ‘Berghain of Beirut’, as a way out for the people through music while the country suffered the effects of the war. For over 20 years now, B018 has hosted some of the best DJs in the world and competes with some of the world’s best clubs.

Dubai’s B018 The Sequel is set to have two different spaces: tropical-themed and industrial-themed, similar to the one in Beirut. The club will also be a platform for regional talent, catering to music lovers from all nationalities. It will be open in the first quarter of 2021 and we just can’t wait!

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