The Black Eyed Peas Concert: How The Show Went On Even After The Stage Collapsed

In early September, it was announced that The Black Eyed Peas will grace the stage in Egypt to an overwhelming welcome and enthusiasm from fans. When the concert’s venue was set to be under the Pyramids, excitement for the event went through the roof! Many compared it to when the Red Hot Chili Peppers came to Egypt and gave the performance of a lifetime at the same venue.

The stage was set and everything was going as planned…

For context, the area where attendees with regular tickets stood was elevated above the ground using multiple small platforms. Then suddenly, while during the ‘Scream and Shout’ performance, one of these small platforms of the regular standing area crashed completely forcing at least a dozen people underneath its rubble. Live footage from the event broadcasted this near disaster worldwide, and the whole event was paused for about 30 minutes.

Luckily, no one sustained major injuries, and those who were most affected have bruising and of course, endured emotional distress from the shock and claustrophobia of this accident. The organizers moved some of the audience involved in the accident to the VIP section as compensation, then the party resumed with no further mishaps.

Most people reported an exciting and fun experience at the Black Eyed Peas concert aside from this accident. However, we must expect that everyone’s safety is guaranteed at any event they go to and that such serious structural failures are never repeated again.

In 2009, Akon performed at the Cairo Opera House in Egypt and the stage for the VIP section collapsed, resulting in several injuries. Officials stated that over attendance, as well as an unstable structure together resulted in the stage collapsing.

In the future, several precautionary measures can be observed for concerts and events that have a large attendance. Concert-goers and attendees can practice being conscious of their surroundings, and still let loose safely. Notifying organizers/security if something looks off or seems unsafe is another option, but most of all, an open and clear safety plan should be approved and known for the audience prior to the concert/event.

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