These Young Black British Muslims Just Made a Web Series, and You Need to Watch It

Via YouTube

A group of black British Muslims just launched a series of videos exploring stories and dialogue around being black and Muslim in Britain. The global launch of the web series was on the 4th, celebrating Black History month.



Even though the African Muslim community in the UK represents about 10% of its Muslim population, there’s still some sort of lack of acknowledgement of their existence and culture. When Mohamed Mohamed, the co-founder of the project, found that there was barely any Black History Month programs in Muslim spaces, he felt the urge to celebrate black history with the Islamic societies.


Via YouTube


Back in October 2016, Mohamed first started the project as an event when he invited other young black British Muslims who felt that their identity was strongly misinterpreted. So, in attempt to challenge the stereotypes and people’s misconceptions about Islam, that it’s not a black religion, and showing that it’s not necessarily adopted, they decided to document their stories and unusual incidents via this web series.


After the launching, the project received a spree of positive feedback on social media, celebrating the initiative using the hashtag #BlackAndMuslimInBritain.



WE SAID THIS: Muslims are not necessarily Arab or Middle Eastern, just like Arabs and Middle Easterns are not necessarily Muslims. Islam may come in many different forms, it shouldn’t really surprise you.