Bill Gates Just Thanked the UAE for its Efforts in Fighting Poverty and Deadly Diseases


Principal Founder of Microsoft Corporation, Bill Gates, has thanked the UAE for its critical role in fighting deadly diseases and reducing world poverty. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation produces the Goalkeepers Report which measures the progress towards goals for sustainable development by 2030 set by the United Nations three years ago.

Through the findings of the report, Gates stated that “the UAE’s support was crucial not just because of the large sums of money it had committed to disease elimination and vaccination programmes, but because its strong regional role meant it was able to engage the support of other governments.” He added in an interview that the foundation “was extremely thankful for the generosity of the UAE, including the ruling family, the government and a lot of organizations there”.

With the Foundation reaching out to Middle East governments to take leadership roles in fighting world poverty, “The UAE has been particularly strong in this,” Said Gates.

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