Beyond The Maldives: These Are The Nations Rejecting Israeli Entry

The world applauded the Maldives when it placed a ban on Israeli citizens entering the country. To the world, this is a major win.

Although the Maldives postponed the ban after realizing that many Palestinians also hold Israeli passports, it isn’t the only country that has taken measures to prevent the entry of Israeli citizens.


Knowing how Algeria and Israel do not have any diplomatic relations and have political tensions, the country currently bans the entry of Israeli citizens.


Bangladesh has always been an advocate for an independent Palestinian state and is firmly opposed to the Israeli occupation. It currently has a complete ban on trade with Israel and bans the entry of Israeli citizens.


As with Algeria and Bangladesh, Brunei also does not have diplomatic relations with Israel. It recognizes the state of Palestine and, because of that, banned the entry of Israeli citizens.


Since the 1979 revolution, Iran has been hostile to Israel and believes adamantly that Israel is an illegitimate state. Seeing how they have a hostile past, Iran does not allow Israeli citizens into the country.


Kuwait is one of the Gulf countries taking a stand against Israel. So far, it prohibits the entry of Israeli products and bans the entry of people with Israeli passports and even those whose passports have been stamped in Israel.


Israel and Lebanon have been in a cycle of major conflict, with Hezbollah and Israel exchanging near-daily strikes since October 7. As such, Lebanon does not allow Israeli citizens into its country.


Libya supports the Palestinian cause. It has an antagonistic relationship with Israel; as such, Israeli citizens are not allowed to enter.


Pakistan never recognized Israeli sovereignty and doesn’t have diplomatic ties with Israel, making it yet another country that bans Israeli citizens.


Syria has never recognized Israel as a legitimate state and does not accept Israeli passports as legally valid for entry into Syrian territory.


The relationship between Yemen and Israel is quite tense, and so Yemen refuses the entry of people with an Israeli passport or any passport with an Israeli stamp.

Other countries have policies that prohibit Israeli citizens from entering, except under certain circumstances, such as Iraq, Oman, and Saudi Arabia.

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