Beyond The Bucket: Irresistible Venues For Finger-Licking Fried Chicken In The Region

As a way to propel Palestinian resistance and offer support, the globe took part in an ongoing massive boycott of major brands, including McDonald’s. KFC is also one of the many food chains that people are intentionally cutting off across the globe.

If you miss that perfect crunch and sensational flavors that come with biting into a juicy Kentucky fried chicken, there’s a way to re-experience that gastronomic indulgence with these 5 alternative options:

Try Out A Literal Replica Through Egypt’s Dodz

Across TikTok, Egyptian influencers are going crazy over a local fried chicken shop that many are saying is way better than KFC.

Going by the name of Dodz, there’s unanimous agreement that its fried chicken ticks all the important boxes, from crunchy breading to a perfect spice blend. Boasting a very similar menu to that of KFC, you can find everything from their Rizo to their multi-piece strips to their wide collection of sandwiches.

Their prices are also pretty decent, with a dinner box with 3 pieces costing 129 EGP, while their Rizo is 49 EGP (at the time of writing).

Go For The Better Upgrade Of Saudi’s Albaik

Anyone who has tried Albaik will tell you that it is the best fried chicken they ever tried, even better than KFC. Albaik was born out of a need of Shakour AbuGhazalah to bring the “broast” concept to the Kingdom back in 1974, a technique that depends on a special pressure fryer technique.

Today, the fast food chain made such a big name for itself in Saudi Arabia that it also managed to spread its wings and open branches across the region including Dubai. Eating Albaik isn’t just a way to support local franchises; its unique spice blend ensures you don’t feel the urge to hit up KFC anytime soon.

Explore The Global Twist Of Dubai’s Jailbird

The Dubai born eatery known as Jailbird doesn’t just boast a creative name, it also serves up a unique twist to a typical fried chicken fast food joint. Bringing a globe-trotting look to fried chicken, Jailbird is all about showcasing how the world creates this special crowd-favorite fast food meal.

The eatery’s menu includes everything from the Japanese Sando melt and Korean BBQ to the Nashville-style fried chicken sandwich. Anyone who heads to Jailbird will feel like they’re taking a globe-trotting trip across the world of fried chicken — an experience you won’t have with your average KFC order.

A Bucket-Full Experience With Kuwait’s Jimmis Bucket

KFC, to many, means indulging in its bucket filled with crispy and juicy fried chicken. A lot of us miss diving into that feast offered by KFC, but just because it’s getting boycotted doesn’t mean that you can’t indulge in the signature item.

Kuwait’s Jimmis Bucket is the local eatery offering up the fried chicken classic bucket but spicing it up with their own renditions and styles. They provide the classic bucket of original fried chicken alongside options like the Nashville fried chicken bucket, chicken tenders bucket, and wings bucket.

There’s a bucket for every kind of fried chicken you can think of.

Spice It Up With Lebanon’s 5 Chicks Diner

We all know and love a classic fried chicken from KFC, and some of us believe there’s no way to up its flavor profile, but think again. At the Lebanese spot known as 5 Chicks Diner, the world gets to indulge in fried chicken slathered in a delicious sticky assortment of sauces including the classic buffalo.

You’ll find these sauces generously coating their wings, drumsticks, and chicken breasts. Up your fried chicken experience by hitting up this special diner.

BONUS: Keep It Simple & Make It At Home

Believe it or not, beyond fast food alternatives, the beloved global fried chicken brand can be enjoyed from the comfort of your home.

Sydney-based foodie Ali Chebbani has made waves across TikTok for his innovative recipe ideas that range from DIY burgers to recreating fast food classics, one of which is a Copycat KFC Original Chicken recipe.

He even captioned the video by saying that it’s “EXACTLY how the Colonel makes it.” His secret 10 herbs and spice mix includes paprika, dried mustard, garlic powder, onion powder, and many other spices.

His fried chicken came out perfect after getting dunked in water and then rubbed into this unique spice mix twice. It’s known as the double breading effect and it leads to that perfect crunch. You can even repeat the steps for a third coat to ensure the crunch factor. For the full recipe, check out his TikTok video.

From international renditions of fried chicken to new ways of experiencing the KFC bucket, these fried chicken spots across the region will surely make up for your boycotting efforts.

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