Pet-Friendly Cafes Across Cairo For A Day Out With Your Furry Friend

Imagine you are out at a restaurant, enjoying a delicious dish of braised ribs and all of a sudden, you remember how its your dog’s favorite food. In that moment, you instantly miss your pet and feel just a little guilty…or a lot. Luckily, restaurants and cafes across Cairo have opened their doors and now allow pets onto their premises. For now, they only allow dogs in their outdoor seating area but that may change in the future. So, if you are going out soon and want to take out your furry pal, these are the pet-friendly spots you need to hit up.

When it comes to New Cairo, it is slowly becoming a pet-friendly hub. A prime example is of the popular dining spot The Drive home to restaurants and cafes designed as ship containers and all of which are pet-friendly. Along with that bustling food hub are many other restaurants and cafes scattered across New Cairo.

Ampersand Eatery

Set within a secluded and relaxed green open space, with this eatery, you won’t just get to indulge in their comfort food specialties but you’ll get to do so in the company of your favorite pet. At this particular restaurant, their dog-friendly area is a large space, open from 9 am to 7pm on the daily.

Two Spoons

At Two Spoons, a restaurant that is all about sharing food, you won’t just get to enjoy a big meal with your group of friends but also you’ll get to share it with your pet. Most of their dishes are made to share and we recommend going for their Tapas as they include everything from shrimp scampi to roasted potatoes.


Coffee lovers need that speedy caffeine hit every morning and when it comes to Vasko, you’ll get just that as well as the natural energy anyone gets from being in the company of their pet. Sitting outdoors, you can enjoy your coffee while bonding with your pet.

Espresso Lab (Waterway)

Known as the popular gathering hub for students, employees and friends to get their morning coffee dose, it’s also the kind of place where you will hear the echo of conversations and the shatter of keyboards. Along with that, you’ll also hear a few barks here and there as this spot is known to be dog-friendly.

Beyond New Cairo, another popular district that boasts probably the most pet friendly cafes and restaurants in Cairo is Maadi.


Lyfe is the type of spot that will turn any junk food lover into a health-obessessed food aficionado. This special eatery and juice bar known for its toasts, wraps, bowls and smoothies is also a great place to dine in the company of your pet as they offer pet-friendly outdoor dining areas.

Ratios Bakery

For the ultimate all-star bakery in Maadi, people usually go for Ratios Bakery, the popular bakery specializes in delectable croissants, cruffins and sourdough bread that make you yearn for more. Beyond that, their outdoor area covered in lush greenery is a great place to hang out with your dog.

Ralph’s German Bakery

This eatery is known to serve dishes with a Bavarian twist whether it’s Ralph’s Bavarian Farmer made of meatloaf terrine and fried eggs or their sweet Apple Berliner. If you want to treat your dog to a fun outing accompanied by tasty food, Ralph’s German Bakery is a great place to go.


Beyond its eclectic concept of serving local dishes with a funky twist including their hummus shakshooka, this eatery also boasts a fancy backyard home to an assortment of dining and picnic tables. Anyone bringing their pet can sit outdoors, enjoy their unique dishes and take in its chill and relaxed garden ambiance.

Bake My Day

Tiny and cozy, Bake My Day is the one Maadi cafe that feels like a home away from home. Not only does the owner herself come to take your order and even recommend drinks and desserts, the eatery also welcomes dogs and cats, truly making it feel like you never really left your home.


Ovio knows how to serve its guests the ultimate breakfast from pancakes galore to eggs in all styles and flavors. They also have a relaxed outdoor seating area where you can bring your pet while enjoying your meal.

Madeline Bakery

For the ultimate French bakery experience, Madeline Bakery is the place to go. While at this eatery, expect to munch on everything from lemon meringue pie to red pepper quiche. Along with that, you can bring your pet, sit outdoors and enjoy the Parisian charm of the tiny cafe.

Il Mulino

For lovers of pasta and pizza, Il Mulino is the Italian joint known to serve a taste of Italy all the way in Cairo. Their outdoor seating also exudes that same ambiance, set along an extended walkway with ceramic floors and large trees. Sitting outside, you’ll get to take in that Italian vibe in the company of your dog.

Along with New Cairo and Maadi, Zamalek is starting to jump into the pet-friendly bandwagon especially their new tiny and cozy cafes dotting its narrow streets.

Cake Cafe

This tiny cafe nestled along Salah El Din street is known for its delicious and diverse assortment of cakes. There’s something for everyone, whether its their three milk caramel cake or a tasty slice of rose water pistachio cake. You can come, sit outside, enjoy a slice of cake as your dog watches the pedestrians passing by.


Located on the grounds of the All-Saints cathedral is the spacious and green filled eatery serving everything from coffee and a variety of dishes to baked goods and pastries. It is also known to be pet friendly wherein you can bring your dog and enjoy your meal at their terrace.


Tiny and quaint with a picturesque green façade, Holm cafe is the kind of Zamalek spot that attracts the kind of people who crave some quiet study time or a relaxed outing. It also caters to a more playful kind of outing as guests are allowed to bring their pets and sit outdoors along Al Sheikh Al Marsafi street.

Along with all of these Cairo spots, we cannot forget Sheikh Zayed, the one district bringing something different to the pet-friendly concept.

Dog Cafe

Known as Cairo’s first ever dog cafe, this is the one spot in the entire city where your dog gets access to the entire premises, both indoors and outdoors. While sipping on their coffee, you’ll get to enjoy fun conversations with other pet owners as your own pets run, play and have a good time.

Knowing that there are many pet-friendly spots across Cairo, it is exciting to see what’s next. With the summer season fast approaching, we should also be expecting some pet-friendly beaches, parks and much more.

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