Bella and the Beast: ‘Blue’ and the Hadids’ Love for Horses

Supermodels can be equestrians too! Putting modeling and glamour aside, supermodel Bella Hadid and her sister Gigi have another side. If you haven’t heard, both girls spent their childhood horse riding at their mother’s farm in Pennsylvania. Bella was actually so good at horseriding that she almost made the Equestrian team at the 2016 Olympics before pulling out due to her Lyme disease diagnoses. But that didn’t stop her love for horses and riding.

‘Blue’ is the name of Bella’s chic, chocolate brown, blue-eyed horse. If you follow Bella on her social media account you’ll definitely notice all the pictures of Bella posing with her horses.

Blue is Bella’s youngest horse and he has been featured in a number of her video interviews where she gushed about how riding him was her ‘love language.’

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