Bel Gazma: Egypt Releases a Foot-Operated Door-Opener to Fight the Spread of COVID-19

Germs and bacteria are easily transferable between hands and commonly used surfaces such as doorknobs, which creates a high risk of pathogen transmission from one person to the next. This was a risk that many people wouldn’t even consider before the pandemic, but things have changed now, and people try their best to reduce any risk of catching germs, bacteria, and viruses.

A new creative solution was launched in Egypt that will make you feel safer, Bel Gazma, a hands-free foot-operated door-opener that offers a sanitary fix to this important problem. By simply pressing your foot on the pedal and pulling your leg backward, you can easily open any swing door, while keeping your hands clean & germ-free.

“Last July, I was in a bathroom in LA, and being a hygiene lover, I noticed a metal foot pull for the door. I didn’t have to get my usual paper towel to open the door or have to pretzel myself into opening the door handle with my arm or foot. I later saw the same idea in Europe. It was the perfect solution – hygienic, easy to install, and easier to use. So, I shared the idea with Edward Naccache (ProNox Egypt), the best metal manufacturer in the region. And he too loved it and we decided to team up. Since July, we’ve worked on making a well-priced high-quality local model and with the current situation, we felt it best to launch sooner than later,” said Ramzi Makram-Ebeid, co-founder of Bel Gazma.

WE SAID THIS: Protect yourself and your loved ones at all times and reduce the chance of getting infected as much as possible.