Baramoda: Egyptian Startup Turning Agricultural Waste Into Biofertilizers

Baramoda is an agricultural tech startup founded in 2018 by Mostafa el-Nabi, Mostafa Elnaby, Moussa Khalil, and Mohammed Abu Zaid. The company is the first agri-tech startup in the Middle East specializing in the field, customizing fertilizers to clients’ needs.

According to Egyptian Streets, Nabi explained that their innovative techniques will decrease agricultural costs and help farmers reduce their environmental impact on the soil. 

Via Egyptianstreets

With Egypt’s growing demand for organic fertilizers and a burgeoning population, ensuring food security over the long term is becoming crucial. The 20-member team has a goal of replacing chemical fertilizers, recycling waste, and decreasing water usage for agricultural stability.

Since the startup launched in 2018, it has received a generous $5m investment fund from HIMangel by Khaled Ismail. 

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