‘Banat Thanawy’ Film’s Director Fires Back at Rasha Samir’s Claims That It Was Stolen From Her

Via FilFan

The clash between Writer Rasha Samir and Director Mahmoud Kamel was trending on social media a little over a week ago, with accusations being hurled back and forth between the two. Mahmoud Kamel is the director of Banat Thanawy, the much-anticipated movie that is set to be released today, the 7th of January.

The clash began when the writer filed a complaint to the Cinema Professions Syndicate, claiming that Banat Thanawy was stolen from her successful novel “Banat Fe Hekayat”.

Via Women of Egypt

She stated that the director asked her for a cinematic version of her novel. And when she did, he liked it and asked her about the copyrights. When she told him that it belongs to “El Dar El Masreya El Lebnaneya”, he promised that he’ll reach out to buy the copyrights but then disappeared.

On the other hand, the director replied back that her claims and accusations are not true. He said that she was the one that reached out and that he didn’t like the story she sent at all. He also said that he started working on the movie before she even sent him the email. And that he’ll resort to legal measures for slander and defamation.

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