Babymoon: Why Every Couple Should Seriously Consider One

Soon-to-be parents know the stress of people bombarding them with advice as they prepare for late night diaper changes. From endless to-do lists, parenting books, and planning, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed and exhausted. Turn off your devices and head for a relaxing vacation before the reality of baby bottles and sleepless nights sink in. A babymoon will stock you up with positive energy and great memories to get you ready.  It can be anything from a white sandy beach, a small town or a relaxing cruise.


The is your chance to escape the constant advice, shopping, and endless planning. This is your time to rest your mind and body before your bundle of joy arrives. What better way than to spend time by the beach or exploring a laid back town?


Although a babymoon is not a honeymoon, it’s a romantic care-free getaway to keep the intimacy going. It gives you one-on-one quality time with your partner before the add-on to the family disturbs the peace and romance.

Time to reflect

Have the freedom to dream about your baby shower theme, baby names, and your child’s graduation. Parenting is no joke and taking a time-out to reflect, meditate, and plan in a relaxing environment will prepare you mentally for what’s ahead. 


One last babysitter-free adventure before the bank tightens and the crying starts. Enjoy your last responsibility-free escape, not only is it de-stressing for you but allows you to bond with your partner and baby bump.


Taking this little getaway from all the stress back home will make you feel less tired and more energized. Both partners can ease their mindset and build a solid parenthood foundation. You will go back more happy and active than ever, happily ready to welcome your newborn. 

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