Aswan Wins 2019 UNESCO Learning Award

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The Governor of Aswan, Ahmed Ibrahim, has announced that Aswan was selected to win The UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning City Award. The international award was established back in 2015 as part of the UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities. It is a prestigious award given to local communities that managed to promote and enhance their inclusive education and lifelong learning according to the UNESCO guide document.

Aswan managed to advance its educational system through merging gardening and water-conservation programs into their school curriculums. It has also expanded its entrepreneurial training opportunities which facilitated more job opportunities to a larger number of locals living in Aswan.

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Along with Aswan, there are other winning cities including Chengdu in China, Heraklion in Greece, Ibadan in Nigeria, Melitopol in Ukraine, Medellin in Columbia, and many more. Although these cities have their own political, economic, social, and environmental conditions, over the past three years they managed to initiate innovative and target-specific policies, in addition to programs that provided flourishing opportunities for their own communities to benefit from a lifelong learning process for all!

The ceremony for this year will be held at the International Conference on Learning Cities in Medellin, Colombia. The award is a highlight for the cities’ good practices, impressive quality of education, as well as their lifelong learning opportunities for its local communities, granting them a better standard of living and a more secure future.

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