We Asked 15 ‘Other Women’ How They Felt, and Here Is What They Said

When someone says ‘Other Woman’ people often have a stereotypical image in mind; an obscene seductress that has no respect for herself nor for other. The truth is, however, not so simple.


While we wish that evil and good people were as easy to tell apart as the colors black and white, this is not the case. We all personally know have that one friend who is loving, sweet, and kind, yet somehow finds herself caught up in an affair with a man who is in some sort of serious relationship.


Cheating, reality tells us, is something we can all easily get caught in to; no one is immune. Do not get us wrong, we are not encouraging cheating, nor are we telling all women to go steal someone’s man. All we are trying to do is bring the other side of the story forward. Indeed, this is exactly what motivated us to ask a group of  ‘Other Women’ how they felt regarding their status, and here is what they said.



“I like being the other woman. I like the fact that he leaves his wife for me, that he chooses me over her. I do not at all feel cheap. On the contrary, I am the one who knows the full truth. He left her for me” – Rania.


“There are days when I can fool myself and say that he loves me. There are other days when I just can’t. I know that it is all bout sex with me. He loves his wife and his children; he doesn’t love me” – Salma.


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“I am doing nothing wrong. Monogamy is just unnatural to any man. Anyone who tells you otherwise needs a reality check” – Aya.



“I enjoy his part-time company; having a man around 24/7 is too much of a problem to be honest” – Ragya.



“It just happened. I do not feel any particular way about it. I will tell you this. I never thought I could possibly be the ‘Other Woman’ a few months ago” – Noha.


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“I hate it, but I can’t imagine my life without him”- Sara


“I am a second wife. I am not a fleeting affair” – Naglaa


“I did not steal nor take anything from anyone. I never feel like I am in the wrong. He is the one hurting his wife not me” – Amira.


“His wife can’t give him kids. I can. He just won’t tell her out of the fear of hurting her” – Randa.



“He no longer finds his wife attractive, especially after child birth. I give what he needs”- Hanya.


“I do not want anything serious. This is really not something you can guarantee with a single man ” – Marina.


“Everyday I feel terrible. I know I am pulling apart a family and a marriage. I know that if he truly loved I would not be a secret affair, but I just can’t leave him” – Nahla.


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“I know he loves me. From experience, I know that a man”s heart is capable of loving more than just one woman ” – Maya.


“I enjoy the secrecy, but I also hate it. I enjoy it because it is exciting; you feel like you are a teenage girl sneaking behind her parents’ back. I hate it because we can never be seen out in public together” – Rola.


“I actually recently ended things with him. I hated it, and I regret it so much” – Nora





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