As Dubai’s Coca-Cola Arena Reopens, Here’s a Throwback to Its Best Concerts

Since it opened, Dubai’s Coca-Cola Arena has hosted some of the best concerts in the city. From regional talents, to international stars, the arena witnessed the biggest and most unforgettable events in the UAE. The arena has hosted shows, performances, and concerts, and because of its grand indoor space, all its events were one-of-a-kind, taking in thousands of attendees.

Here’s a throwback to some of our favorite concerts ever!


Valentine’s Day 2020 in Dubai was definitely a memorable one to everyone who attended Maluma’s concert at the Coca-Cola arena. The Latin sensation and Grammy-award winner was on fire, and the night was one to remember!

Lara Fabian

In celebration of her 30-year music career and her 50th birthday, the Canadian-Belgian singer and songwriter, Lara Fabian charmed her fans with some of her most iconic hits at Dubai’s Coca-Cola arena last year.

Maroon 5

Way before the concert, the tickets were sold out. A full house of 17,000 people were dancing to the rhythms of “Moves like Jagger” and “Girls like you”. Maroon 5 put on an exciting performance, keeping the crowd on their edge throughout the concert.

Why Not Music Festival

This concert was like no other. Egyptians living in Dubai, and even many Arabs, jumped at the opportunity of seeing Mahmoud El Esseily, Cairokee, Massar Egbari, Sharmoofers, HOH, and Disco Misr, all perform live, with equal slots for each. The crowd danced all night long and enjoyed an absolutely perfect night.


Westlife fans were over the moon when they heard that their favorite boyband will finally host a concert. Since their last world tour was in 2012, fans were excited to celebrate celebrate 20 years their all-time classics with the band, and relive their youth. The arena was packed with the band’s fans from all over the world.

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