As 2021 Wraps To An End, Here Are The Fashion Trends That Stole The Show

By: Rahma Haggag

From silk slip dresses and puff sleeves to slouchy denim and mix and match trendy colors. What is your favorite fashion trend in 2021?

The trends in fashion are always changing, and this year was full of different trendy fashion ideas. We also witnessed many old fashion ideas that made a major comeback this year. We have collected some of the trendiest fashion styles that were ruling over 2021.

Let’s just dive in and see what popped in the fashion industry in 2021.

Silk slip dresses

Via Etsy.

Silky fabrics dresses were on the top of the fashion trends list in 2021. These dresses can be ensembled for different styles but they all have the same chiffon or silky fabric and are cut to the body line. Many designers offered this type of dress in different lengths, prints, colors and cut-outs. You can wear this fabric silk dress with any kind of footwear: flat sandals, high heels, lace-up stilettos or boots. It also can be covered with a leather jacket, blazer or chunky sweater.

Denim jeans

Denim jeans showed us various styles this year and all of them were trendy. The three top types of denim jeans are Slim Boot-Cut Jeans, Loose and Distressed Jeans and Skater Jeans.

Slim Boot-Cut Jeans:

Via Insider.

Slim Boot-Cut Jeans aren’t as tight as skinnies, nor as artfully disheveled as boyfriends. They are always a successful choice for work and formal looks. They are also nice for a variety of heights.

Loose and Distressed Jeans:

Via Joom.

People were literally obsessed with loose ripped jeans in 2021. Some people preferred to wear blue ones and others preferred black ones. Loose ripped jeans can be styled with a cropped top, oversized t-shirt or hoodie, adding to them a cap and sneakers will make you look super cool.

Skater Jeans

Skater jeans are the baggy jeans style of this year. They are so comfy, trendy and look super cool if you added a graphic oversized t-shirt and sneakers to them. They were more inspiring than the stretchy skinny jeans in 2021. They also work for all ages.

Mix and match trendy colors

Many bloggers and fashion influencers in the Middle East went with the trend of mixing and matching colors this year. Maybe some people were not familiar to see some colors styled with each other, but we must admit that all of those who went to this trend, looked really fashionable.

Puff sleeves tops and dresses

Via Eg24.

Bigger is not always better but in this case, it absolutely is. The puff sleeve trend first cracked the fashion industry in spring 2018 and has continually returned season after season. Here we are ending 2021 and the puff sleeve tops and dresses are still as popular, fashionable and chic as they are. We expect these puff sleeves to stick around for one more season at least. 

Pretty pastels

Pastel colors were everywhere in 2021, especially in its summer. These kinds of colors are an excellent alternative for summer and they fit a wide range of skin tones. People went with green mint, lavender, baby blue, rose, etc. and all of them looked perfect, fashionable and trendy.