Art and Innovation: This Dubai-Based Design School is Using Tech to Overcome Lockdown Challenges

For many, this time can be considered one of the worst times to be a student, you have to work your way through projects and exams while being confined to the walls of your room. But for others, who have been blessed with innovative minds in their teachers and administrators, it can be a source of inspiration and a chance to unleash their creativity.

Heriot-Watt University Dubai’s School of Textiles and Design is giving its students a chance to combine talent and technology, to deliver and present their design projects. Normally, the students exhibit their work at an Annual Degree Show, however, due to the quarantine this year, the process has changed.

Since the students will not be able to access the in-house design studio on campus to create garments, they will, instead, utilize online presentations to talk the faculty through their design processes, use software such as Adobe Photoshop and CAD to showcase 3D designs of their projects, and communicate with them in virtual lectures and seminars.

This applaudable way of learning from the university supports its commitment to ensure uninterrupted learning for students, despite the ongoing challenges.

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