Egyptian Artist Lina Mowafy Is One of Four Featured Artists Worldwide on Artsy

Put on your hypothetical beret and buckle up Cairo, as you’re about to be proud of someone else this month beside Essam El-Hadary.



Somehow amidst all the chaos, a 37-year-old Cairene managed to bedazzle the directors of Artsy, a world renowned online art platform based in New York, into featuring her work on their website. Yes, you heard it right. Lina Mowafy, the co-founder of arts-mart, a leading online art gallery in Egypt and the Middle East, was announced earlier this week as one of four international artists to be featured by Artsy.



Mowafy rose to fame with her exceptional art pieces that are well known for being joyfully colorful and extraordinarily detailed. The AUC graduate and the mother of three, successfully nurtured her talent by studying art in the hearts of London and Florence; offering herself a rich background that reflects a blend of cultures through her paintings.




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