10 Arabs Who Made It Big on YouTube

As time goes by, more and more people are moving away from traditional media such as the television and more towards online streaming websites such as YouTube. Several Arabs have tapped into that growing community and are making us proud. Here’s a few of them:


Are We Famous Now


Karim Metwaly, also known by his YouTube username Are We Famous Now is an American, of Egyptian origin, who has found major success on YouTube. His channel boasts a whopping 666,573 subscribers along with 77,592,539 views. Karim’s videos are diverse, ranging from social experiments to song parodies and more. And that’s just his main channel. Karim also has two more channels (AreWeKukuNow and KukuBUFF) which have seen similar success.




Yousef Erakat, an American YouTuber of Palestinian origin, who goes by the username FouseyTube is not only one of the most successful Arab channels, his channel is also one of the most popular on YouTube overall with an astonishing 7 million subscribers and over 1 BILLION (yes, you read that right!) views. Erakat makes fitness videos as well as Middle Eastern themed videos. He also documents his daily life on his second channel DoseofFOUSEY. Erakat further cemented his place as a top YouTuber when he won a Streamy, YouTube’s highest award.


Noor Stars

Iraqi-American YouTuber Noor Stars is by far one of the most popular Arabic YouTubers out there. Noor Stars was the first Arab female to reach half a million subscribers. Her channel also boasts an impressive 39,608,338 views. Noor’s videos are mainly lifestyle, fashion, and makeup themed which has helped her amass a huge following of young Arab girls. Noor Stars is definitely an up-and-coming YouTuber to keep an eye on.




Issa Tweimeh, best known by his username Twaimz is an American YouTuber of Palestinian descent who first entered the YouTube spotlight when he released ‘The Llama Song’ which now has over 14 million views! Most of Twaimz’s videos are comedic and he often does sketches. His large following of almost 2 million followers also gives him the opportunity to collaborate with other famous YouTubers.


Shady Srour


Egyptian YouTuber and Viner Shady Srour is quickly becoming a household name thanks to the hilarity and relatability of his videos. His sketches have earned him a loyal fan base of just under 1 million subscribers and over 200 million views. His videos are primarily Arabic and continue to impress time after time.





Joe Tube is an ongoing YouTube series started in 2013. Joe, the host, critiques viral videos which often have a political theme in a satirical manner. The clear dedication to YouTube along with the quality of the content has earned JoeTube over 1.6 million subscribers and over 150 million views.





EyshElly is a Saudi Arabian channel where a host reviews viral videos. EyshElly has a fan base of over 2 million subscribers and the videos have gained over 300 million views. Critics often compare EyshElly to Ray William Johnson since their styles are similar. Despite the similarities, EyshElly definitely maintains a style of its own.



Hayla TV


Another Arab female YouTuber making a splash in the YouTube community is Hayla TV. Hayla is a Dubai native who makes fashion, makeup, and lifestyle videos similar to those of Noor Star. She also vlogs her daily life and keeps her fans up to date on everything. Her videos have earned her about 350 thousand subscribers and her videos have had 44 million views.



N2O Comedy


One of Jordan’s most popular channels, N2O Comedy, takes regular everyday incidents and caricatures them to make hilarious sketches. The channel frequently collaborates with famous Arab stand-up comedians. The channel has an impressive daily upload schedule and continues to grow despite already having 550 thousand subscribers and 96 million views.



Adam Saleh


Adam Saleh is an American YouTuber of Yemeni origin who creates prank videos and conducts social experiments, often under a Middle Eastern theme. The channel has over a million subscribers and almost 100 million views. Adam also runs a vlog channel where he documents his daily life.



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