Arab Women Celebrities Starting Their Own Brands

By Lamis Ismail

Many Arab female stars have been starting their own brands in recent years, showing us their style and taste in fashion. Haifa Wehbe started a fashion line from her own brand Beau Voyou. The designs have been well received by her fans and the collection was sold out immediately.

And here are some pieces from the collection:

It’s a kimno leather jacket, and the slogan reads “Women can kill”.

Another Tricolor Leather Jacket, with the slogan “Out on a Wednesday”.

Roja by Ahlam Alshamsi

Also, the singer Ahlam Alshamsi released Roja perfumes. Its main slogan is “a queen deserves to work with the best”.

Mai Ezz El-Deen

The Egyptian actress Mai Ezz El-Deen created her own app that shows her fans her secrets, daily routine, fashion choices, makeup, and beauty products, all behind the scenes. The actress is the first Arab woman to create her own app.

The Star Elissa by Elissa

Elissa, the Lebanese singer, owns a makeup brand known simply as “The Star Elissa”.

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