Arab Punkz – The NFT Project That is Putting the Middle East on the Map

The internet landscape is constantly changing and with the rise of Web 3.0 the masses have been introduced to a new world of technology and investment opportunities.

It all began with the rise of cryptocurrency and the gold rush that bitcoin had created. Overnight millionaires and large returns turned heads and made news all over the world. But beyond all the glitz and glam that makes the headlines, there is an actual technological revolution taking place with blockchain technologies leading the way; the ever-changing landscape has brought new meaning to collectibles.

Via NPR.

In the days of yore, collectibles were tangible items you could actually hold, feel and most likely hang on your wall. Picture the Mona Lisa and the status symbol it implies when you have the likes of a multi-million dollar piece of art hanging in your home! In today’s modern-day world these collectibles are being sold in the form of Non fungible tokens (NFTs) where internet savvy users with expendable incomes are collecting pieces of art that not only are a status symbol but a gateway to the Metaverse; an online world we all will likely be living in sooner or later.

If you’re flexing your wealth and status symbols in real life, you might as well be doing the same thing in your digital life too! As the world hears more and more astronomical numbers when it comes to NFT sales, one man who goes by the name Salam has decided to bring the Arab world into the digital party.

Arab Punkz is a collection of only 5,000 rare NFT collectible images portraying the everyday Middle Eastern man in all his glory! Quirky and witty, the NFT quickly took off, with some even being sold for more than $3,000, but had been minted at less than $20. For those who don’t know what minting is follow this link for a guide on how to get into NFTs.

They quickly became the #1 popular project last week on Magic Eden (a Solana network marketplace) and managed to create a shock wave through the ecosystem. After their success, an influx of about 30 different regional “punk” projects popped up in just a matter of days.

The project has also been backed by several regional celebs, such as:
@wegzofficial – Egypt’s most popular rapper

@hassanmorshedy – recently listed on Forbes Middle East Top 50 real estate developers

@aminakhalilofficial – An Egyptian renounced actress


@razanejammal – A British-Lebanese Netflix star

Besides their creative design, the project has a solid roadmap coming up, for those who have bought, with the launch of the Arab wives collection this December 24th and a foray into creating an Arab metaverse in which would make them the first in doing so.

If there is one culture that loves flexing their wealth and being ahead of the game when it comes to collectibles and rare items it’s the Middle East, and with that being said there is no other project to get one’s hands-on than repping our own; especially if this is your first time dabbling with NFTs.

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