Arab Opera Breaks Ground: ‘Zarqa Al-Yamama’ Set for Global Stage Debut

Below the intricately decorated gold leaf ceiling of London’s Goldsmiths Hall, Saudi and international creatives gathered for a special ceremony held under the patronage of Minister of Culture Badr bin Abdullah bin Farhan.

They have come together to begin production operations on the first-ever Arab Opera show, ‘Zarqa Al-Yamama,’ a show that’ll not only be performed in Riyadh but all across the globe.

What Is The Story?

The tale of “Zarqa Al-Yamama” will come to life on stage. It’s the story of a renowned figure in Arab history, dating all the way back to the pre-Islamic era.

The story revolved around Zarqa, a legendary blue-eyed woman who belonged to the Jadīs tribe. She was known for her exceptional intuition, sharp eyesight, and unique ability to predict events before they even happen.

Why Is It Important?

Such a unique story stemming from a period in Arab history that barely gets enough recognition is quite special. Having this Saudi production earn the limelight on an international stage promotes cultural awareness of the Kingdom’s rich history.

Beyond that, it’s also the type of opera that’ll blend together Arabic and Western musical elements, showcasing a new form of entertainment that hasn’t been done before.

The first show is going to take place in Riyadh in mid-April, and following its special debut, it’ll continue with several shows both locally and internationally.

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