Arab Mothers-in-law Sealing The Deal On Funny, Odd Stories

The more families expand, the more they become interesting and wilder with their tales. Ranging from funny to quirky, we have gathered stories of interactions between daughters and mothers-in-law that a little piece of them can be found and or related to in almost every Arab household.

A Master At Redecorating

My fiance and I were planning every corner of our house; what colors to paint the walls and where we were going to get our carpets from, every little detail was thought through and I loved that planning. What can I say, I was secretly a designer at heart. However, not enough planning would have led me to anticipate what came next. Once our house was finally ready, and I went to see it with my husband to be I noticed something was off with the splitting of rooms we had originally planned. It turns out that he had secretly broken down walls to build a master bedroom for his mother and the icing on top is that she’s moving in with us.  

– Reham Amir

Via Dhliz

An Earful Of Regret

There was this one time when I called my husband, Sameh to vent about my mother-in-law, Samya; yes naming him with an ‘s’ was intentional. Anyway, I called him to talk about how Samya is constantly hovering, in our business with no room for us to breathe, and that we really need our own place; the family house was no longer an option. So I am practically saying this in one breath until I hear a voice interrupt me with, “Is that all, dear?” Turns out, she had picked up his phone this entire time; I don’t know about you but it just validates my point even further.

– Nada Ezz

Three Is An Odd Number

Our relationship was odd. Yes, note I am using past tense because it is, indeed, in the past. My then mother-in-law was a piece of work. She didn’t live too far away from my ex and me and she wouldn’t let us forget it. Every time I left our house to run errands or something, she wouldn’t only call him and stay on the line for hours until I came back to find her there, lingering as if she were my mother catching me post-curfew. However, it was constantly me catching her rummaging through our trash and my private possessions. I don’t know what she was hoping to find and I certainly wasn’t sticking around for much longer.

– Ghada Ali

Stay For Dinner, I Made Your Favorite

My mother-in-law loves to pay attention to me; however, she does so in all the wrong ways. She knows I hate peas, every time we go to her house, she calls me beforehand and says, “honey, don’t you dare eat, I made your favorite.” If the mind games have stopped there it would be fine but they don’t. And yes, they are mind games, you know how frustrating it is to pretend to enjoy something you don’t? Anyway, one time there weren’t enough spoons on the table and I was done eating so instead of having her get up again, I told her, it’s ok he can have mine; and as I was passing on the spoon to my fiancé, she uttered, “Ew, now. Never. Drop that thing.” But things are better now and she’s coming over for dinner, and this time I am making her favorite… peas.

– Alya Huessin

The ‘Graceful’ Geminis

There are situations where you just have to learn to shut up and this was one of them. I was sipping coffee with my parents-in-law as I read my Sagittarius horoscope out loud and skimmed my way down the list, leading me for some reason to announce my strong feelings toward Gemini. I went on to give a speech on how Geminis are insane and absolutely tough to deal with to which my mother-in-law responded, “I am a Gemini.” To fix the situation fast, I told her, “you misunderstood me, I meant Gemini men, of course, they’re the tough ones.” However, it seemed I had dug myself into a deeper hole as my father-in-law then said “dear, I am Gemini as well.” Word to the wise, next time read your horoscope to yourself.

– Malak Naagi

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