Arab Interior Designers You Need To Check Out!

The Middle East definitely has a rich culture within its different communities and societies, therefore, it’s no surprise that our taste is full of history. Interior design in our region is usually a mixture of both historical and modern design that for sure you won’t find any where else in the world. Everyone dreams of showing off their own inner interior designer and make their homes into a work of art. Using mixed colors, great furniture and maybe even a designer rug from somewhere like BAZAAR VELVET we wish we could make our homes into works of interior designer art.

Since our designers are reshaping the modern world with their unique taste, here’s a list of Arab Interior designers that you need to check out.

Rabeh Geha

Rabeh is a Lebanese interior designer and the head of Rabeh Geha Architects. His team of designers and architects work on creating inspirational spaces, ranging between residential and retail to commercial and recreational spaces. In each project, he always tries to capture the mood of the venue and reflect it in his designs. His work has his own signature, literally a piece of art!

Omar Abdelghafour

He’s a Dubai-based interior designer and the owner of the award-winning Light Space Design; a full architecture, interior design, and planning practice services. The company has another office in China as well; it was founded in 2004 and since then, it has developed diverse works from small installations to large cultural projects.

Richard Yasmine

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A very talented Lebanese interior architect and product designer whose work is always marked by simplicity, boldness, and unique ideas. In his work, his goal has always been to capture and incorporate fresh ideas of our culture and traditional aspects via technology and methodology, projecting it in a unique way by designing perceptional spaces.

Laila Al-Yousef

She’s a senior interior designer who won the 2014 Young Interior Designer of The Year award at the age of 30! Currently, her work is based in the Middle East; she’s known for her perfectly well-rounded designs that are marked by exceptional creativity and playfulness. She specializes in creating office spaces that positively impact the company’s environment and its brand awareness.

Rania Hamed

She’s an interior architect known for her innovative interiors and outstanding quality designs. She’s also the founder of the multiple award-winning boutique firm VSHD Design based in Dubai. She makes sure that her designs are not led by trendy symptoms but rather timeless and long-term creatives.

Helen El-Mettouri

She’s an experienced and intuitive business leader. Her brand is currently based in Dubai and she specializes in branding and interior design solutions for clients who are interested in food/beverage, lifestyle, and hospitality in the Middle East.

Mustafa Khamash

An architect who initially launched his Dubai-based firm back in 2004. His designs are fundamentally based on air and water in combination with the environment and his furniture designs. All of his designs are integral to the process of persuading a better living.

Mona Hussien

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The award winning designer Mona has made her mark on many of Egypt’s most elegant interior projects. Leading her ambitious team she keeps encouraging them to keep up with the latest development, and to look for inspiration in the smallest details. Her aim is to create a unique and an influential spaces for her clients, whether it was residential, commercial, hospitality or architecture projects.

Nihal Zaki

Nihal is known for her bold designs, she usually mix and match different designs with sheer subtlety. Her work has been published at Andrew Martin International Interior Design where it featured world’s top interior designers, she’s known for her modern and contemporary interiors in both residential and commercial projects.

Nihal Leheta and Karim Hayawan

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These two talented Egyptian interior designers are the owners of Design Point Egypt, although they have many differences but they managed to make the best of their different styles and not make it seem as a challenge. Their style is marked by vintage and classic mixed with artsy touch. This team complete each other with their interior and architectural designs and projects.

WE SAID THIS: Designers in the Middle East never fail to astonish us!