Why Arab Girls NEED to Get a Pap Smear

(Tim Waclawski/flickr)
(Tim Waclawski/flickr)
(Tim Waclawski/flickr)

The pap smear — or, as it’s known in the Arab world — the thing that takes away your virginity, is a vital part of maintaining one’s overall health. It is a gynelogical procedure to detect cervical cancer in women.

Women are recommended to start getting tested as soon as they are sexually active or when they turn 21 and repeat the test every three years. Your health care provider might suggest more frequent testing based on your health profile.

Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) is a sexually transmitted infection that causes cervical cancer and the second most common cancer among women. While only a few types of HPV can cause cancer it’s important to be screened for HPV in order to avoid bigger health issues.

A pap smear requires a gynecologist to use a speculum, which spreads the vagina (ouch), so a small brush or spatula can be used to collect a sample of cervix cells for testing. This seems to be the big issue for most Arabs since fear of a torn hymen may be caused from the test.

This fear comes from outdated ideologies that the hymen is a symbol of virginity. Despite those fears, a pap smear won’t cause your hymen to tear and you can talk to your gyno if you’re really concerned so they can perform the test without “taking your virginity”. Since the majority of people who are sexually active (both men and women) carry some type of HPV, it’s not something to stay up at night freaking out about. Yet you should be checked routinely since certain types of HPV can cause cancer of the penis, vulva, anus, cervix, vagina and throat.

Since symptoms are undetectable in the early stages of these diseases, it’s vital that pap smear tests are done to monitor cells of the cervix. When changes in the cells are noticed it helps doctors take proper precautions in order to prevent your chance of getting cervical cancer.

Health is extremely important of daily life and should not be disregarded due to immature theories and misleading information. Take care of yourself and check yourself before you wreck yourself… with cancer.

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