April Fools: Best Pranks in the Middle East

By Sarah Alblowi

Arabs crack jokes and pranks all year long for good laughs. We don’t need a date, time, or place to make a ruthless and maybe borderline discriminating joke, it’s who we are. So, no wonder April Fools just gave people a reason to go mad with these pranks. Did you fall victim to these April lies? You’re not alone, we fell for all of them! 

Emirates Drone Transportation


Via Twitter

We covered Dubai’s flying motorcycles, so why wouldn’t we believe this one? The technology savvy and wealth driven country is a pioneer in surprising us with crazy ideas. Emirates Airlines announced its private drones as a first-class suite experience for flyers in Dubai. While dazed into the article, you’ll cheerlessly figure out it’s a prank. 

Jessica Kahawaty to Run in Australia’s Elections


Via Instagram

Looks like this beauty thought long hard about her decision. Her supporters and fellow influencers congratulated and cheered for what they wanted her to do and solve. Unfortunately, to the 13 thousand Insta likes, it’s a prank. On another note, would you vote for Jessica?

Rania Youssef Stars in Games of Thrones

Via Instagram

Is anyone excited to see Egyptian Actress Rania Youssef as the first Arab star in season 8 of Game of Thrones? Under the title ‘Queen of the Night’, fans are reposting and reacting quickly to the well-planned prank. We can’t deny she looks stunning in that costume.

Ragheb Alama Fake Music

Via Instagram 

Lebanese singer got his fans on their toes waiting for the ‘unexpected’ news. The video starts off promising with a soundtrack playing and then cracks into old TV effect. The singer comes clean with the lie, announcing his new song, Sodfi. If you’re a fan, don’t be disappointed! 

Jeep’s All New 2019 Sedan

Via Instagram

Jeep Middle East posted its new, same but different design. The low car shook Jeep 4×4 lovers who suspected it was a prank. Later on, the model was announced as a light-hearted April Fools’ prank and we’re thankful!


WE SAID THIS:  How did you prank your friends? 

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